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Mono Cover Tarpaulins - Green

Our Mono Cover Tarpaulin is currently available in green or clear and is a mid-grade sheet, approximately twice as heavy as our economy tarpaulins at 170gsm.

It is widely used for covering hay, boats and in roofing and the construction industry. The Green Mono Cover is also very popular with nurseries and for use in the garden. This tarpaulin also benefits from a 3% UV built in inhibitor, which protects it from degrading.

It is constructed with a multifilament grid which is then laminated in LD polyethylene. 12mm aluminium eyelets are spaced at metre intervals in rope reinforced hems.

  • Waterproof
  • 3 x 3 Multifilament Grid
  • 170 gsm
  • Rotproof, Shrinkproof & UV Protected
  • Aluminium eyelets at 1 metre intervals on all four sides
  • Plastic Corner Reinforcements
  • Colours Available: Green or Clear

Manufactured in the UK

Shipped Globally

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