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Heavy Weight Canvas Tarpaulins - Dark Green (21OZ)

Our Heavy Duty Canvas tarpaulins are manufactured from single filled cotton duck and are imported from India. A dark military green in colour, these hardy canvas tarpaulins give premium resistance to damage and punctures.

They are also wax-proofed to ensure they are water resistant.The heavyweight, breathable sheets are 15oz before proofing, resulting in a robust finished weight of 21oz after treatment. They also have rust resistant brass eyelets which are set into strengthening tabs at 2ft intervals. Hems and seams are single-stitched.

A minimal amount of shrinkage can happen if canvas tarpaulins are exposed to varying temperatures. Please note they will need re-treating after water exposure to maintain their resistant properties.

  • Water resistant heavy weight canvas - rotproofed & wax processed
  • Single-stitched hems and seams
  • Heavyweight 21oz material when proofed
  • Produced to finished size - manufacturing tolerance max. 5cm
  • Brass eyelets at 2ft intervals in reinforced tabs

Manufactured in the UK

Shipped Globally

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