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Home & Garden

With our climate you can never take sunshine and dry weather for granted. Our range of home and garden products will ensure your garden furniture or outdoors equipment stays in top condition whatever the weather.

At Corby Canvas we have an extensive range of products including trampoline and sand pit covers.

Sandpits can make an idea litter tray for foxes, cats and dogs which no parents wants. Our made to measure covers are manufactured from 100% waterproof PVC or mesh and will protect your sandpit from unwanted visitors and bad weather. They will help keep your children safe, as well as saving you money from continually replacing dirty or mouldy sand.

For all your outdoor gardening needs, we also design and manufacture gazebo and pergola covers, garden furniture padding and covers, hot tub covers, sun shades and log store doors and covers.

If you take to the roads on your holidays, our caravan and motor home covers are designed specifically to protect them from the outside elements. They are 100% waterproof, breathable and lightweight. By buying one of our covers you will be protecting your caravan or motorhome from UV damage, leaks, mildew and corrosion, helping keep paintwork in pristine condition and enhancing any re-sale value.

Don't worry if any of your outdoor equipment isn't a standard size we can of course work with you to meet your exact design and measurement specifications.

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