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Mono Cover Tarpaulins - Clear

The Mono Cover Tarpaulin is a competitively priced, mid-grade sheet which is ideal if a more rugged cover is required. It is constructed with a multifilament grid which is then laminated in LD polyethylene.

Currently available in two colours, ( green or clear), the Mono Cover Tarpaulin is widely used for covering hay, boats or in roofing, construction and horticulture. It's also extremely popular as a cover for rabbit hutches and chicken coops.

Clear Mono Cover is also ideal if you need to work under the sheet, as it allows approximately 70% light transmission. 12mm aluminium eyelets are pre-fitted at metre intervals, for fixing.

  • Waterproof
  • 3 x 3 Multifilament Grid
  • 170 gsm
  • Rotproof, Shrinkproof & UV Protected
  • Aluminium eyelets at 1 metre intervals on all four sides
  • Plastic Corner Reinforcements
  • Colours Available: Green or Clear

Manufactured in the UK

Shipped Globally

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