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Ripstop Canvas Tarpaulins - Green (17OZ)

Imported from India, our Ripstop Canvas tarpaulins are manufactured from a heavyweight material, which has been chemically treated, meaning they are easier and lighter to handle than traditional wax processed canvas tarpaulins.

They are blended with a polyester yarn which localises tears and stops them tearing further, as well as being water resistant. Before treatment they weigh 15oz but weigh 17oz afterwards. Strengthening tabs are located at each 12mm brass plated eyelet, to ensure a firm fixing point.

A minimal amount of shrinkage can occur when canvas tarpaulins are exposed to varying temperatures.

  • Water resistant heavy weight canvas
  • Brass-plated eyelets at 2ft intervals in stitched hems
  • Chemically treated and therefore lighter to handle than wax-processed tarpaulins
  • Single-stitched hems and seams
  • Untreated 15oz / 17oz material when treated

Manufactured in the UK

Shipped Globally

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