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Canvas Tarpaulins - Tan (18OZ)

This product is a traditional style 100% cotton canvas tarpaulin which is made from single filled cotton duck. Imported from India, they are wax processed to make them water resistant and weigh 18oz. The seams and hems are single-stitched, and the brass eyelets are spaced at 2ft intervals (60cms), in reinforced tabs.

Made from a natural fabric, they are breathable but a minimal amount of shrinkage can occur if they are exposed to varying temperatures. To make sure they maintain their resistant properties they will need retreating after water exposure.

  • Water resistant heavy weight canvas
  • Brass eyelets at 2ft intervals in strengthening tabs
  • Seams and hems single-stitched
  • Produced to finished size - manufacturing tolerance max. 10cm
  • Rotproofed & wax processed to make them water-resistant
  • 10oz material / 18oz when proofed

Manufactured in the UK

Shipped Globally

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