Sandpit Covers

Your children might not be the only ones who appreciate a sandpit. For cats, dogs, foxes, and other animals the sandpit makes an ideal litter box, and the cost of continually replacing the dirty or mouldy sand in your sandpit can be expensive.

So why not invest in a sandpit cover?

Corby Canvas Products manufacture bespoke covers, made to your specifications that fit exactly over your sandpit. This ensures that your sandpit is protected from adverse weather and other ‘intruders’ - allowing children to play safely.

Corby Canvas Products sandpit covers are manufactured from 100% waterproof PVC or mesh with reinforced hems. This is one of the hardest wearing covers available - not to be confused with any lightweight flimsy nylon products.

The additionThe addition of brass eyelets, elastic cord and tie down buttons means that our covers can be easily attached to an existing frame and can be sealed tightly over your sandpit.

Ideal for schools, childrens’ playgroups, nursery schools, back gardens, pre-schools, and parks.

  • Keep your sandpit clean and safe, ensuring that nothing else but the kids play in ittured from 100% waterproof PVC
  • Can be designed to fit any shape and any size
  • Available with different tie down options, based on your individual requirements
  • Available in a large range of colours with your preferred design

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